History of Sadulpur

Sadulpur's District - Churu, State -Rajasthan,Country- India(331023)

सादुलपुर- राजगढ़ (चुरु) (राजस्थान) Sadulpur (सादुलपुर) is situated in the midst of the Thar Desert. Sadulpur also known as Rajgarh (राजगढ़). It is a town and a tehsil of Churu district. It is close to the Haryana border. It was part of Jangladesh where Poonia Jats had ruled. It was founded by Poonia gotra jats. There is an equal population of Hindus and Muslims in the city.the Great fort was built in 1766 by maharja Gaj singh bahadur on name of his son Raj singh ji bahadur of Bikaner. Most of Muslims were migrated from Narhar during construction of Fort.It was supervised by them, they had fought war with local tribes and defeated them .Local tribes were not in favor of construction of fort. Bikaner ruler was very happy with this brave victory . Rajgarh has own history,own culture and own reasons to be famous in the world. If we go back we will find the name of initial locality was "LUDI". Later on the rulers of BIKANER constructed a fort on the border of their state. The fort is called as "GARH" in Rajasthani language. The government is called as "RAJ". Thus the name of fort was "RAJGARH". As the primary facility were available in the fort the locality started to settle near the fort. The location was started to known as "RAJGARH" among nearby villages and localities. There is a village near to Rajgarh by the name of LUDI. There is also a locality in RAJGARH known as LUDIBAS. Ludi was a prominent center of education in nearby villages. The school of Ludi was aided by the King of Bikaner. Major cities near about sadulpur to Sikar Distance- 144.2 km, Pilani- 43.1 km and Hissar is at a distance of 70 Kilometers. It is midpoint of delhi, Jaipur, Sri Ganganagar and Bikaner. Sadulpur is a railway junction connecting the other smaller towns and cities - Mumbai, Jammu, Delhi, Sri Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jodhpur and some tehsils. As of 2001 India census, Rajgarh had a population of 48,057. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Rajgarh has an average literacy rate of 75%, higher than the national average of 59.5%.A large number of skilled & unskilled laborers from Sadulpur are working abroad in places such as Dubai, Muscat, and Saudi Arabia.There is an equal mix of Hindus and Muslims in the city.The region boasts record temperatures ranging from below freezing point in the winters to over 50 degrees in the summer afternoons. Gugoji is a holy place also 16.6 km far away from Sadulpur, it called as Dadrewa village in Churu district. Gugoji is known as the god of snakes and is visited throughout the year by people from different parts of the country many peoples from North and all over India come to pray here.

Geography view of Sadulpur (Rajgarh)

Rajgarh is having great history. It is a desert area and having salty water. Rajgarh is located at [1]. It has an average elevation of 479 metres (1571 feet). Rajgarh is also known as Sadulpur.This District of Churu is also the hottest place in the country with the temperatures peaking up to 50 degrees and winters temperature dipping below 0°. Rajgarh is located Latitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 28° 38' 00" N and Longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 75° 24' 00" E.

Climate of Sadulpur (Rajgarh)

The region has record temperatures ranging from below freezing point in the winter to over 50 °C in summer. The District of Churu is also the hottest zone in the country.

Famous People from Sadulpur
  • * Seth Surajmal Mohta
  • * Vimal Jalan, A former Ex. Governor of India's Reserve Bank and Rajya Sabha member.
  • * Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, Steel tycoon born in tehsil Sadulpur (Rajgarh) of Churu district.
  • * Anupam Mittal, founder of www.shaddi.com is also from rajgarh.
  • * Krishna Poonia, A Commonwealth Games gold medalist and renowned athlete.
  • * Devendra jhajharia , Indian Paralympic javelin thrower
  • * Vinod Kothari Economist of West Bangal

About Lakshmi Niwas Mittal

(Born June 15, 1950) is a London-based Indian billionaire industrialist, born in Sadulpur village, in the Churu district of Rajasthan, India, and resides in Kensington, London. He is the richest man in Europe and the fourth richest person in the world, with a personal fortune of US$50.0 billion according to Forbesmagazine.

About Vimal Jalan

(Born August 17, 1941) Rajgarh in Churu district resident Bimal Jalan, India's renowned economist and expert on economic matters(1997-2003). You also governor of the Reserve Bank of India has held its Ulekniy services.

About Seth Surajmal Mohta

राजगढ़ निवासी स्वर्गीय Mohta का जन्म १० अक्टूबर १९१० को हुआ था। उनकी माता श्री मति भगवानी देवी, भारत प्रसिद्ध सेठ घनश्याम दास बिड़ला की सग़ी बहन ओर राज़ा बलदेव दास बिड़ला की सुपुत्री थी। Rajgarh में यदि मोहता परिवार के योगदान को हटा दिया जाये तो बहुत कम सार्वजनिक हित के कार्य शेष रह जायेंगे। मोहता संस्थाओ में भगवानी देवी अस्पताल, मोहता राजगढ़ पुस्तकालय , मोहता डिग्री कॉलेज, मोहता सस्कृत महाविधालय, मोहता पब्लिक स्कूल, मोहता रिसोर्ट ओर मैरिज गार्डन, एवम अन्य।​

About Devendra jhajharia

(born 29 August 1980), Devendra Jhajharia is and Indian Paralympic javelin thrower competing in F46 events. He won gold medal in the javelin throw at the 2004 Summer Paralympics in Athens, becoming only the second gold medalist at the Paralympics for his country.

By Road

Rajgarh is connected to Bikaner, Jaipur, Delhi and other cities by road. It is about 193 km from Delhi. Sadulpur to Hisar distance is 70 km. The National Highway No-65 passing through Rajgarh via Dokwa, Dudhwa Khara, Churu, Fatehpur, Salasar etc.A byepass road attech in NH65 to Taranagar, Bhadra, Hisar road.​Bikaner to Sadulpur distance is 233.7 km, Jodhpur to sadulpur distance​ is ​403.0 km, Jaipur to Sadulpur distance​ is ​236.8 km, Shri Ganganagar to Sadulpur distance​ is 249.7 km.

By Railway(Train)

Sadulpur railway station has elevation of 239 metres (784 ft). Sadulpur is a junction station on Delhi-Jodhpur, Delhi-Bikaner, Hisar-Bikaner and Jaipur-Ganganagar railway lines. The railway track is broad gauge. Rajgarh is situated on the main Delhi-Bikaner rail link. The railway junction of Rajgarh town is known as Sadulpur named after Maharaja Sadul Singh of Bikaner. It takes around 3–4 hours from Delhi ( route you would cross major stations like Gurgaon, Rewari, Mahendragarh, Loharu). Several new trains now connect Rajgarh and Sadulpur to major cities Delhi, Bikaner, Jaipur, Lucknow, Degana, Sri Ganganagar, Hisar, Hanumangarh and Pathankot.

By Airport

The nearest airports are Delhi Airport and Jaipur Airport.

Banks and ATMs in Sadulpur
  • * State Bank of India (SBI)
  • * State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur(SBBJ)
  • * HDFC Bank
  • * Bank of Baroda
  • * The Churu co-operative bank
  • * Punjab National Bank (PNB)
  • * Oriental Bank of commerce (OBC)
  • * Baroda Rajasthan Kshetriya Gramin Bank
Important places near about Sadulpur
  • * Dadrewa, birthplace of Gogaji
  • * Pilani is a nearby city, birthplace of industrialist Ghanshyam Das Birla and home to prestigious Birla Institute of Technology and Science, pilani
  • * Peer Aana Falsa, visiting place of Muslim Peer
Villages near sadulpur

Ratangarh, Churu, Sujangarh, Sidhmukh, Taranagar, Bidasar, Chhapar, Rajaldesar, Ratannagar, Sardarshahar, Lakhau, Salasar, Dadrewa.

Villages in Rajgarh Tahsil

Achchhapur, Amarpura, Bairasar Bara, Bairasar Budhu, Bairasar Chhota, Bairasar Gumana, Bairasar Manjhla, Balan, Bangarwa, Bas Bhamreend, Bas Brahmanan, Bas Chanani, Bas Govindsingh, Bas Kanjan, Bas Kirtan, Bas Lalsingh, Bas Mamraj, Bas Mundi, Bas Radsana, Bas Seowa, Beenjawas, Beer Rajgarh, Beeran, Beeslan, Beijwa, Bewad, Bhabhreend, Bhagela, Bhainsali, Bhakhran, Bhamasi, Bhambhara, Bhatod, Bheemsana, Bhojan, Bhuwari, Birmi Khalsa, Birmi Patta, Budhawas, Bungi, Chaharwala, Chailanabas, Chainpura Bara, Chainpura Chhota, Chanana, Chand Gothi, Chimanpura, Chubkiya Tal, Chubkiyagarh, Dabli Dhani, Dadrewa, Dandeoo Mohansingh, Dandeoo Ramsingh, Dandeoo Sultansingh, Dantli, Dayawath, Deengli, Devipura, Dhana, Dhandhal Chaina, Dhandhal Kheta, Dhandhal Lekhoo, Dhandhal Shera, Dhangra, Dhani Bari, Dhani Chhoti, Dhani Jeewangeer, Dhani Kheenwa, Dhani Khudani, Dhani Kumharan, Dhani Mauji, Dhanothi Bari, Dhanothi Chhoti, Dhigarla, Dholiya Churu, Dholiya, Dokwa, Dumki, Gagarwas, Gagor, Galar, Ghanau, Gothyan Bari, Gothyan Chhoti, Gudan, Gugalwa, Gulpura, Gwalisar, Hameerwas Bara, Hameerwas Chhota, Hansiyawas, Harpaloo Kubdi, Harpaloo Kushala, Harpaloo Patram, Harpaloo Ramdhan, Harpaloo Ramsukh, Harpaloo Sanwal, Indasar, Indrapura, Jaipuriya Khalsa, Jaipuriya Patta, Janau Khari, Janau Meethi, Jaswantpura, Jatoowas, Jeeram Bas, Jetpura, Jhanbar, Jhoongli, Jodhawas, Kalal Kotra, Kalana, Kalana Teeba, Kalori, Kalri, Kaman, Kanawasi, Kandran, Kanjan, Kasoombi, Kerlibas, Khabarpura, Khairoo Bari, Khairoo Chhoti, Khariya, Khariyabas, Khemana, Kheri, Khuddi, Khundiya Bas, Khyali, Kirtan, Kishanpura, Kishanpuriya, Koonjla Bas, Lakhlan, Lakhlan Chhoti, Lambor Bari, Lambor Chhipiyan, Lambor Chhoti, Lasedi, Leelawathi, Leelki, Ludi Khuba, Lutana Amichand, Lutana Magni, Lutana Magnibas, Lutana Poorn, Lutana Raju, Lutana Sadasukh, Maghau, Mahlana Dikhnada, Mahlana Utrada, Malanabas, Malwas, Mangla, Manpura, Mithdi Balwantsingh, Mithdi Kesarisingh, Mithdi Patta Dadrewa, Mithi, Modawasi, Mundi Bari, Mundi Tal, Nanda Ka Bas, Narwasi, Naurangpura, Nawan, Nayabas, Neeman, Neshal, Noohand, Nyagal Bari, Nyagal Chhoti, Nyangali, Pabasi, Paharsar, Raboodi, Radwa, Ragha Bari, Ragha Chhoti, Rajgarh Rajpuriya, Rampura, Ramsara Tal, Ramsara Teeba, Ratanpura, Rau Tal, Rau Teeba, Rawatsar Koojla, Rebari Bas, Rejri, Sadau, Sadpura, Sankhan Tal, Sankhan Toomli, Sankhoo, Sardarpura, Seowa, Shyopura, Sidhmukh, Sulkhaniya Bara, Sulkhaniya Chhota, Suratpura, Tamba Kheri, Than Mathooi, Thimau Bari, Thimau Chhoti, Thirpali Bari, Thirpali Chhoti, Tunda Kheri, Vijaypura.